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STP files have various applications, namely:


In this section, an STP extension file is a 3D assembly file that is used for compatibility with some mechanical design programs, such as TurboCAD and Fusion 360.

Contains three-dimensional object data saved in the Standard for the Exchange of Product Data (STEP) format.

STP files are basically ASCII text-based format conforming to the STEP ISO application protocols.

STP files are mainly used to transfer and make 3D graphics compatible between different CAD and CAM systems.

Many manufacturers use the STP file for the design and subsequent monetization of molds or parts to be manufactured.

STP files are also related to the less common STEP extension.

RoboHelp Stop List File

In this application, the STP extension files are plain text files created by RoboHelp, a Windows help creation program.

The STP file saves a list containing keywords that the Smart Index wizard ignores when creating the help documentation search index.

Stop lists can contain words like "the", "or" and "a".

These are words that are not normally useful to index as keywords in help documentation searches, and in this case, the STP files are responsible for establishing that database.

SharePoint Template

For SharePoint, the STP file is a website template.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration program.

The STP file contains a predesigned website that can be uploaded from the SharePoint template gallery and is used as a starting point for creating new websites.

SharePoint STP files only contain information about what is customized on the site. They do not include the full definition of the website.

Analysis Studio Project Information File

In this application, the STP file is created by Analysis Studio, a program used for data extraction and statistical analysis.

The STP file contains the project schema and project objects in an XML format.

In summary, the STP file contains the actions, data transformations, and variables that allow you to reconstruct a data set from an original data set.

If Analysis Studio is in online mode, data can be downloaded and reconstructed from a remote Analysis Server.

When in offline mode, DATA files stored on the local machine are used.

Software to open STP files

To open an STP file you need to have one of the following software packages (depending on the format of the STP file you may need to use different software packages):

How Can I Open STP File on Windows

How Can I Open STP File on Mac OS

How Can I Open STP File on Android

If you downloaded a STP file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open STP File on iPhone or iPad

To open STP File on iOS device follow steps below:

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