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A file with the SGDT extension can be quite confusing as it can represent different types of files, depending on the software or application that created it. In this article, we will explore the possible formats of SGDT files and the ways to open and use them. We will also provide links to relevant websites that provide more information or tools for dealing these file types.

Segment GoldMine Template

The SGDT file extension is primarily associated with Segment, which is used in the front-end marketing platform, GoldMine. GoldMine is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer support. The SGDT file stores data in a template format used for generating customer reports or analytics in the front-end marketing platform. To open and work with GoldMine templates, you need to have GoldMine software installed on your computer. You can find more information about GoldMine and download the software from their official website:

Safe Guard DataTech File

Another possible format for SGDT files is related to the Safe Guard DataTech software. Safe Guard DataTech is a backup and data recovery software that uses SGDT files to store its data. When you create a backup with Safe Guard DataTech, it saves the backup data in an SGDT file, which can later be restored using the same software. To open and use SGDT files created by Safe Guard DataTech, you will need to have the software installed on your computer. You can learn more about Safe Guard DataTech and its features at the following website:

SpeedGrade Data File

SGDT files can also be associated with Adobe SpeedGrade, a discontinued color grading and corrections software for professional videos. The SGDT file created by SpeedGrade contains information about the video editing project, such as color information and other edits. To open and use SGDT files from SpeedGrade, you would need to have Adobe SpeedGrade installed on your computer or find another compatible video editing software that can handle SGDT files. Note that since Adobe SpeedGrade has been discontinued, it can be difficult to find a stable version of the software or compatible alternatives. More information about Adobe SpeedGrade can be found at the following link:

SGDT File Important Information

In conclusion, SGDT files can represent various formats, depending on the software or application that created them. The most common formats are Segment GoldMine Template, Safe Guard DataTech File, and SpeedGrade Data File. To open and use an SGDT file, ensure you have the appropriate software installed on your computer based on the origin of the file. Always make sure to create backups of your SGDT files before attempting to convert or edit them to avoid data loss or corruption.

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How Can I Open SGDT File on Android

If you downloaded a SGDT file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

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To open SGDT File on iOS device follow steps below:

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