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The QXL file extension is a unique form of computer file that has a specific role in both personal and professional applications. Understanding the format and the ways to open and use QXL files can improve your digital efficiency and can help you to navigate your computer with greater ease. This article will explore the various formats and ways to use QXL file extensions.

QXL Files and Their Role in Quattro Pro

QXL files are primarily associated with Quattro Pro, a spreadsheet application that is part of the WordPerfect Office suite from Corel. In this context, QXL stands for Quattro Pro Macro. This tool allows users to save a series of commands or operations, enabling the automation of repetitive tasks in Quattro Pro. You can learn more about Quattro Pro and its associated applications on the official Corel website.

Opening QXL files in this context usually involves using Quattro Pro. However, you can also use other programs that support the Quattro Pro Macro format, which include some versions of Excel. Some online file converter tools could also be used to convert QXL files into a format that a different spreadsheet application can read.

QXL Files in QuickBooks

In the program QuickBooks, QXL stands for QuickBooks Excel, which represents an exported QuickBooks report in Excel's file format. These files store data including financial, accounting and business data, and can be opened in Microsoft Excel. For more information on QuickBooks and its features, visit the official QuickBooks website.

Opening QXL files in this context is simple if you have access to Microsoft Excel, which can interpret the data stored in these files. Other spreadsheet apps that can read Excel files may also work, including Google Sheets and OpenOffice Calc.


In certain advanced settings, QXL might represent a form of script for the QEMU emulator, an open source machine emulator and virtualizer. The terms QXL or QXL driver often refer to a video driver designed for the Windows guest operating system running on the QEMU platform. You can check more about QEMU and its drivers in their official website.

How to use and manipulate files here usually requires some intermediate knowledge on running virtual machines and may require the use of a text editor to read or modify the file. Some examples of the text editors include Sublime Text, Notepad++, or Atom, among others.

QXL Files Important Information

In conclusion, the .QXL file extension has multiple uses and can be opened in various ways depending on its context. It is associated primarily with Quattro Pro by Corel, QuickBooks by Intuit, and in certain advanced uses, the QEMU emulator. Regardless of its context, opening a QXL file requires some knowledge of the program that generated it and a suitable tool for reading, interpreting, or executing the file. By understanding these different scenarios, you can work more efficiently with QXL files and better handle your digital workflow.

How to Open QXL File on Windows

How to Open QXL File on Mac OS

How to Open QXL File on Android

If you downloaded a QXL file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open QXL File on iPhone or iPad

To open QXL File on iOS device follow steps below:

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