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QRY files can be associated with different types of file formats and programs, depending on their specific usage. This article will cover the most common file formats and ways to open and use QRY files across different applications. We will discuss the purpose of these formats, programs that can be used to open and edit the files, and any useful resources that may provide additional information.

Microsoft Query File Format

The QRY file format is most commonly associated with Microsoft Query, a program that allows users to apply SQL (Structured Query Language) to retrieve data from various types of databases. These files are used to store query information and can be imported into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and other similar programs.

To open and use a QRY file in Microsoft Excel or Access, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the program (Excel or Access).
  2. In the menu, navigate to "Data" > "From Other Sources" > "From Microsoft Query".
  3. Browse to the location of your QRY file and select the file.
  4. Follow the prompts to import your data into Excel or Access and customize the data according to your needs.

To learn more about Microsoft Query and how to use QRY files, you can check the following resources:

Heatwave Query File Format

Another possible format for QRY files is the Heatwave Interactive Query File. Heatwave Interactive is a software development company that creates games and 3D graphics applications. These files store information related to game and software development projects and can be opened with Heatwave Interactive's development tools.

To open a QRY file created by Heatwave Interactive, you will need to use their software, which is available through their official website. Unfortunately, there is not much publicly available information about Heatwave Interactive or their products and documentation at the moment.

Other QRY File Formats

While the Microsoft Query and Heatwave Interactive QRY files are the most common formats, it's vital to note that other applications may use QRY files for various purposes. If you cannot open a QRY file using the methods discussed above, it's possible that the file is associated with a different program or application.

In such cases, you can try opening the file with a text/Hex editor, like Notepad++ or HxD, to view the file's content and identifying metadata information. This can help you determine the specific application associated with the QRY file and guide you to the appropriate software to open it.

QRY File Important Information

In conclusion, QRY files can have multiple formats and uses, most commonly associated with Microsoft Query and Heatwave Interactive. It's essential to identify the specific application connected to the QRY file before attempting to open or edit it. We recommend referring to the relevant websites and tutorials mentioned above for more in-depth information.

How Can I Open QRY File on Windows

How Can I Open QRY File on Mac OS

How Can I Open QRY File on Android

If you downloaded a QRY file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open QRY File on iPhone or iPad

To open QRY File on iOS device follow steps below:

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