File Extension pvm Details and Technical Info

PVM file Extension Pis primarily used by the Image Zone software created by Hewlett-Packard (HP). Files of this extension are image files with stored on a folder or album with information about it. These albums are in XML format and contain information about the images it is stores. PVM can run on Windows operating system.

PVM file extension is mostly generated when importing images from a CD or digital devices for viewing purposes. Once HP Image Zone software is activated, it will automatically rename files with extension such as .jpg to its native extension .pvm. This file can also be created using Hewlett-Packard digital camera software.

Files with this extension mostly appear as "album.pvm" or "index.pvm". These are files containing information about those images stored on it. This is mainly use for sharing image files and transferring them to any portable media such as CDs and DVDs. In addition, PVM files can also be generated by other digital devices including printers and digital cameras. Another standard using the same file extension was developed by Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) to manage digital content including images, music, and video using XML format.

Aside from HP Image Zone Express, you can open PVM file with Photosmart software which is a replacement for the earlier version.

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