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PRC file extension is most commonly associated with a presentation produced in Corel Presentations, part of the WordPerfect Office suite. The PRC file extension is also used to denote Palm Resource Code files, which are installer packages for the Palm Operating System. Though less common, the PRC file extension is also used by Mobipocket eBooks, which may also incorporate DRM copyright protection.

Corel Presentations can be used to create multimedia-rich presentations, and is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint or Impress. Presentation PRC files contain a series of slides which are played sequentially, and can be run through manually or automatically depending on its purpose. Slides within PRC files can contain a range of formatting including background images, fonts, colours and preset layouts. Media such as images, video, audio as well as objects such as spreadsheets can also be embedded in slides. Animation, buttons and slide transitions akin to those found in other presentation packages can also be applied to enhance interactivity.

Palm PRC files are executable installation files which are used to distribute applications and updates for use on the Palm platform. However, as PRC files are executable it is possible that they contain malware, and so should only be run if it has been acquired from a known, trusted source.

The PRC file extension is also used by Mobipocket eBooks, many of which contain Digital Rights Management. DRM is a form of copyright protection, which limits the devices which the file can be opened on, thus preventing widespread distribution of copyrighted material.

Due to proprietary format you can open PRC files produced by Corel only using Corel Presentation, which is part of the WordPerfect office suite. Palm PRC files can be opened and installed on a Palm Pilot using the HotSync Manager program within Palm Desktop on the Windows or Mac platforms. You can open eBook PRC files produced by Mobipocket using Mobipocket Reader Desktop or FBReader.

Typical PRC application file locations:

  • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon\Kindle For PC\KindleForPC.exe" "%1"

Frequently used application names to open PRC files:

  • Amazon

Frequently associated Windows objects:

  • Amazon.KindleForPC.content

How Can I Open PRC File on Windows

How Can I Open PRC File on Mac OS

How Can I Open PRC File on Android

If you downloaded a PRC file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open PRC File on iPhone or iPad

To open PRC File on iOS device follow steps below:

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