File Extension png Details and Technical Info

File extension PNG is a file format used to store images. Images in PNG format are stored without quality loss. PNG is the most popular way to store lossless files on the internet. It was specifically designed to enable image transfer on the internet.

To open PNG files you can use any internet browser or graphics editor. Both Window OS and OS X have embedded mechanisms to view PNG files.

PNG files supports grayscale images, palette-based images and full-color non-pallete-based RGB/RGBA images. It also supports transparent images both by a single pixel value and as an alpha channel. PNG compression is typically better than GIF files except for smaller images. JPG can often provide better compression than PNG but significant artifacts could be introduced in images with text or around high contrast areas.

PNG files use image/png MIME media type.

Every PNG file starts with 8 bytes: 89 50 4E 47 0D 0A 1A 0A. Bytes from 2 to 4 code "PNG" in ASCII format.

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