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Files with a PLIST extension are property files used by applications running under the Mac OS X operating system.

They are XML-formatted files and contain the features and configuration settings for various programs.

In other words, they store serialized objects for the Mac OS X, iOS, NeXTSTEP, and GNUstep set of framework libraries.

Because PLIST files are XML-based, they can also be saved in text or binary format.

Editing by the user is not recommended, these files themselves are modified by their respective native programs as necessary.

However, developers create and edit PLIST files using Apple's Property List Editor, which is normally shipped with Apple's development tools (XCode).

It is also feasible to edit them using third party tools.

To open, create or edit a PLIST file, you must have one of the following programs installed on your system. Make sure to consider the precautions that must be taken when modifying a file of this nature.

Frequently associated Windows objects:

  • QuickTimePreferences

How Can I Open PLIST File on Windows

How Can I Open PLIST File on Mac OS

How Can I Open PLIST File on Android

If you downloaded a PLIST file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open PLIST File on iPhone or iPad

To open PLIST File on iOS device follow steps below:

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