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PAF files have various applications, namely:

Portable Applications Installer

The PAF extension files can be used as an installer for a portable application and these in turn can be stored on a USB flash drive.

PAF files are compatible with Microsoft Windows and can be run from the USB drive.

There are many software packages which can use PAF files, among them, Firefox Portable, Portable, 7-Zip Portable, games of various kinds, and any other application that has portable properties.

Family tree

In this application, PAF files are created by Personal Ancestral File, a now discontinued family tree management program.

PAF files contain family tree data, both ancestors and descendants, their relationships to the user, dates of birth, and other genealogical information.


In this case, a PAF file is an audio file saved in the PARIS audio format created by the now-discontinued Ensoniq PARIS digital audio platform.

However, the PAF software and format continue to be used by some enthusiastic audio users, with it being compatible with various current audio programs, including Winamp and WaveLab.

To open a PAF file, you must first make sure what format it is, then you must have one of the programs indicated below

How Can I Open PAF File on Windows

How Can I Open PAF File on Mac OS

How Can I Open PAF File on Android

If you downloaded a PAF file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open PAF File on iPhone or iPad

To open PAF File on iOS device follow steps below:

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