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OV2 files are primarily associated with TomTom GPS devices and are used for implementing Point of Interest (POI) files into the device's navigation system. These files contain navigational data such as longitude, latitude, and descriptive information. Another use for the OV2 file extension involves Clarion Overlay, a file format utilized in database systems designed by SoftVelocity. This article will explore both uses of the OV2 file extension and how to open and use these files.

Using OV2 Files with TomTom GPS Devices

OV2 files play an essential role in the overall functionality of TomTom GPS devices. They store the necessary data for POIs and provide users with important navigational information. To open or edit OV2 files, you have various options available to you.

One popular choice for opening and editing OV2 files is PoiEdit, a Windows-based software that allows users to manage and maintain their POI files effectively. PoiEdit enables you to open, edit, and save your OV2 files after making any necessary changes.

Another option to open OV2 files is using an online tool like GPS Data Team's online converter. This tool allows you to view and edit your OV2 files, as well as convert them to other file formats such as CSV, ASCII, etc. Converting OV2 files to different formats may prove useful if you decide to use another type of GPS device that supports a different file format.

Using OV2 Files with Clarion Overlay

In addition to their application in TomTom GPS devices, OV2 files are also utilized in Clarion Overlay, a database system developed by SoftVelocity. Clarion Overlay files are used to extend the functionality of Clarion database application files (.APP) by adding additional functions or modules.

To open and use OV2 files related to Clarion Overlay, you must have Clarion Development Environment installed on your system. This software enables you to open, edit and save OV2 files, as well as compile and run the associated Clarion database applications.

OV2 File Important Information

Understanding the two main purposes of OV2 files, as well as how to open and use them, is crucial when working with TomTom GPS devices or Clarion Overlay. Be sure to use the appropriate software suited to your specific needs and always save a backup of your OV2 files in case any issues arise during editing or conversion.

In summary, OV2 files play an essential role in the proper functionality of TomTom GPS devices and Clarion Overlay. Knowing the right tools and procedures to open, edit, and save OV2 files, as well as convert them when necessary, will enhance your overall experience and streamline your file management workflow.

How Can I Open OV2 File on Windows

How Can I Open OV2 File on Mac OS

How Can I Open OV2 File on Android

If you downloaded a OV2 file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open OV2 File on iPhone or iPad

To open OV2 File on iOS device follow steps below:

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