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OPX file extensions are used in various applications and can have diverse purposes. To better understand them and find the best way to open and use them, you need to identify the specific software or application that generated the file. In this article, we will examine the various formats and ways to open and use OPX files, focusing on the most common uses and providing important information about each one.

Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0 Program

One common use of the OPX file extension is with Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0. Microsoft Organization Chart is a tool designed for creating organizational charts and is available as an add-in for Microsoft Office applications. An OPX file generated by this program contains data and formatting information for an organization chart. To open and use these files, you need the Microsoft Organization Chart program, which is usually installed with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To learn more about Microsoft Organization Chart and download the application, visit the Microsoft Office official website.

Olympus Voice File

Another use of the OPX file extension is Olympus Voice Files (OPX audio files). These files are generated by Olympus digital voice recorders, such as the Olympus DS-2200, and contain audio data recorded by the device. To open and play OPX audio files, you can use Olympus DSS Player Pro, a software program designed specifically for managing and playing back audio files from Olympus voice recorders. For more information on OPX audio files and to download Olympus DSS Player Pro, visit the Olympus official website.

PhotoModeler Project

The OPX file extension is also used by the PhotoModeler application, a software program used for generating 3D models from photographs. An OPX file saved in this format contains 3D data and project information. To open and use an OPX file in PhotoModeler, you need the PhotoModeler software. For more information about PhotoModeler and to download a trial version, visit the PhotoModeler official website.

Ovation Pro Document

Ovation Pro, a professional desktop publishing application, also makes use of the OPX file extension. In this case, OPX files store documents created with Ovation Pro, including text, graphics, and layout information. To open and edit OPX files from Ovation Pro, you need the Ovation Pro software. For more information and to download Ovation Pro, visit the Ovation Pro official website.

OPX File Important Information

In conclusion, OPX file extensions can have various uses and applications. To open and use these files effectively, it's crucial to identify the specific program that generated the file and ensure you have the appropriate software installed on your system. Be sure to visit the relevant websites mentioned above for more information and to download the necessary applications to work with OPX files. Always exercise caution when downloading unknown files from the internet or opening files from unknown sources, as they may contain harmful content or damage your system.

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