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OGM files present, at the moment, two different types of application format, namely below

Origin Matrix File

In this section, an OGM extension file contains a matrix workbook created by Origin, a science and engineering graphing and data analysis application.

More about Origin

Origin is a computer program for interactive scientific graphics and data analysis.

Patented by OriginLab Corporation and runs on Microsoft Windows.

It has inspired several platform independent open source clones and alternatives such as LabPlot and SciDAVis.

The OGM file stores one or more matrix sheets, which include columns and rows of numbers, special characters, or spaces.

OGM files also store other information about the array, such as sheet names, math functions, array dimensions, style and format, and data type.

You can open OGM files with Origin and Origin Viewer.

Origin is only available for Windows and is the main program used to create, open and edit OGM files.

When an OGM file is opened in Origin, the matrix appears as a window in an open project.

Origin Viewer is also often used to view OGM files as it is free and can be used on Windows and macOS.

The Origin 2018 release included an updated unicode format for saving OGMU arrays, which has performance benefits over the older non-unicode OGM file format.

OGG Media File

In this second case, the OGM file is a compressed video file that uses an altered form of Xiph.Org's OGG file container format.

The OGM file supports the playback of video content that incorporates DirectShow filters.

The OGM file is created as an extension to the OGG specification so that Windows Media Player and other programs can easily play video and audio files.

Xiph.Org, the owner and developer of the OGG specification, does not support the OGM format because it is outside the OGG specification.

In any case, the OGM format is different from the format used for OGG and OGV files.

Software to open and work with an OGM file

How Can I Open OGM File on Windows

How Can I Open OGM File on Mac OS

How Can I Open OGM File on Android

If you downloaded a OGM file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open OGM File on iPhone or iPad

To open OGM File on iOS device follow steps below:

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