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NON is a file extension commonly associated with Star Wars: Tie Fighter files.

The NON files in this section contain configuration options for the mouse and its use in the Star Wars: Tie Fighter game, which was developed by LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is an old game dating back to 1994 and it is a space flight simulator with combat episodes in the form of a video game.

Because it is a simulator, the player takes the point of view of a Galactic Empire pilot in the development of the video game during which he has to pilot different TIE-type imperial fighters, among others.

It has a multitude of campaigns and missions that, after completing them, the player starts in the secret order of the emperor.

It is considered one of the "25 best PC games of all time" by various game analysts.

For obvious reasons, the game is no longer available for installation on current operating systems.

How Can I Open NON File on Windows

How Can I Open NON File on Mac OS

How Can I Open NON File on Android

If you downloaded a NON file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open NON File on iPhone or iPad

To open NON File on iOS device follow steps below:

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