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NBF extension files have several uses with different formats, with some of them described below:

NTI Backup Now

The NBF file, for this application, is a compressed file backup file, created with NTI Backup Now.

About NTI Backup Now

NTI Backup Now is a complete backup and restore solution compatible with Windows.

The app can include data, other apps, photos, videos, music, financial documents, settings, and everything on your system.

The program also has advanced features such as migration, file filtering, email notification and remote backup.

The backup, with NBF extension, can be configured manually or scheduled at a specific time interval.

The NBF file contains copies of folders and files that can be restored if the original files are damaged or deleted, just like the function of a backup.

In this case, the NBF file is usually named 'backup_001.nbf', following the numerical sequence.

For additional information, to restore files with Backup Now, use the 'Restore' option within the View panel.

Nokia PC Suite

Similar to the previous application, in this section, the NBF file is a backup of the data, now, for the Nokia brand phone, using the Nokia PC Suite.

About Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite is a software package used to interface Nokia mobile devices with computers running Windows.

Through Nokia PC Suite, data and files stored on the mobile device can be downloaded as well as uploaded to it.

Nokia PC Suite software is discontinued, therefore the use of the NBF extension in it is obsolete.

Such NBF file contains the address book, user settings and other data stored in the mobile phone, and can be used to restore the data or copy the information to a new phone, through the use of Nokia PC Suite.

It is important to note that newer versions of Nokia PC Suite save backups with the NBU extension.

Software to open and work with a NBF file

Due to the variety of formats associated with the NBF, it is convenient to recognize the available file format, in order to later use one of the following compatible software packages:

How Can I Open NBF File on Windows

How Can I Open NBF File on Mac OS

How Can I Open NBF File on Android

If you downloaded a NBF file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open NBF File on iPhone or iPad

To open NBF File on iOS device follow steps below:

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