File Extension mbb Details and Technical Info

Files with an MBB extension can have several uses:

EasyShare Image Catalogs

File generated by Kodak EasyShare, an application used to organize and share digital photos; contains information used by the program to create image catalogs; it always uses the name ebsk.mbb, and it comes across another related file called ebsk.mb.

Users use these files (by deleting them) to rebuild the image catalog when the EasyShare program does not load properly.

The EasyShare application is no longer supported, however you can download it from the following link

Indexing of Word files by ManaBook

File created by ManaBook, a Microsoft Word add-in that allows users to combine multiple Word documents into a single "book" which contains a collection of indexed Word documents. It is used to organize and archive large amounts of documents through a single interface.

The ManaBook application is discontinued and therefore not available for download.

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