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An LRC file is a text file used for the purpose of karaoke and audio playback applications, such as StepMania and Recisio KaraFun.

The LRC stores song lyrics and time information to display the lyrics while a song is playing.

Similar to subtitle files in movies, LRC files include "line item labels" that provide reference points to indicate when lyrics should be displayed while the song is playing.

For greater precision, due to their use, LRC files allow time intervals in centiseconds.

LRCs also support colors and letters that span multiple lines.

Similar to subtitles, LRC files also usually have the same file name as the song they are associated with.

For example, the lyrics file for the song mountain.mp3 would be mountain.lrc.

It is important to note that the advanced features in a Karaoke, depend on the player, that is why there are multiple LRC formats that have been developed and improved during several years of community participation.

Software to open an LRC file

How Can I Open LRC File on Windows

How Can I Open LRC File on Mac OS

How Can I Open LRC File on Android

If you downloaded a LRC file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open LRC File on iPhone or iPad

To open LRC File on iOS device follow steps below:

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