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LICENSE extension files are used, as the name implies, as a user license for various purposes.

The most notorious, however, is the use of LICENSE as a binary file that contains runtime keys for licensed classes used in a Visual Studio .NET development project.

What is Visual Studio .NET?

Visual Studio .NET is an integrated development environment, which is also known as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Therefore, it comprises a set of tools that can greatly simplify the development of web sites, applications, and services.

Visual Studio .NET has all the features you'd expect from an IDE, including auto-completion, code indentation, and error highlighting.

In addition, it can generate code automatically, allows you to drag and drop controls to a form, and provides working shortcuts that make it easy to compile and build applications.

The purpose of the LICENSE file is that it is referenced during the assembly process and is embedded in the program with the assembly linker (AL.exe).

Licensed classes are generated by the license compiler included with Visual Studio.

LICENSE files are created from the corresponding LICX files.

Software for opening and working with a LICENSE file

Open LICENSE File on Windows

Open LICENSE File on Mac OS

Open LICENSE File on Android

If you downloaded a LICENSE file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open LICENSE File on iPhone or iPad

To open LICENSE File on iOS device follow steps below:

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