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An LAX file extension can refer to two different file formats: the LayOut Attributes (associated with LayOut applications) and Liquid Audio Metafile (associated with the Liquid Audio software). This article discusses the different formats associated with LAX file extensions, useful third-party software for opening and managing them, and important information about this type of file.

LayOut Attributes (.LAX)

The LayOut Attributes file format is a part of the LayOut Application from Trimble. This software is designed for creating professional documents and presentations, often used by architects and designers who work with 3D models. These LAX files contain settings, attributes, and object styles for the LayOut document.

To open and use a .LAX file, you will need to have Trimble's LayOut Application installed on your computer. The application is a part of Trimble's SketchUp Pro Suite, which is available for download from their official website:

Liquid Audio Metafile (.LAX)

Liquid Audio was a digital music distribution platform developed in the late 1990s, aimed at distributing music securely over the internet. The .LAX files, in this case, are metafiles that contain information about the actual music files, such as the artist, title, and URL of the music file. The actual audio data is stored in a different file with an .MPA or .MP3 extension.

Though Liquid Audio is no longer actively supported, older .LAX files can still be opened and played using legacy software such as Roxio Creator NXT, InterVideo Winamp, and Microsoft Windows Media Player with the Liquid Audio plugin. However, finding a working version of these programs or plugins compatible with modern operating systems can be challenging.

LAX File Important Information

While opening and using LAX files is relatively straightforward for the LayOut Attributes format, the Liquid Audio Metafile format may require additional steps, given the outdated technology. Be cautious when downloading legacy software, as there might be compatibility issues or even potential security risks. Always download software from reputable sources, and ensure that your operating system is up to date and has security measures in place.

In summary, LAX file extensions have two primary uses: one within Trimble's LayOut application and the other with the now-defunct Liquid Audio distribution platform. To open and use these files, ensure you have the correct software or plugin installed, and exercise appropriate caution when operating with unsupported or outdated software.

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To open LAX File on iOS device follow steps below:

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