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KMP file extensions are used in several different ways for different applications and formats. This article will discuss possible formats and ways to open and use files with KMP file extensions. The different formats discussed in this article include:

  • Keyman Keyboard Package
  • KORG KMP Files
  • Mario Kart Wii Course Description
  • Alternative uses

Each of these uses will be covered extensively with links to relevant websites, allowing the reader to find necessary resources easily. By the end of this article, you should have a clear understanding of the multiple purposes for KMP files and how to interact with them effectively.

Keyman Keyboard Package

Keyman is a popular software used for virtual keyboard input across multiple languages. KMP files in Keyman refer to Keyman Keyboard Packages, which store information necessary for installing and using different keyboards and fonts available in Keyman. To use KMP files with Keyman:

  1. Download and install the Keyman Desktop.
  2. Download the necessary KMP package file.
  3. Double-click the KMP file. Keyman Desktop will automatically recognize and install the package.
  4. Open Keyman Desktop and select the desired keyboard from the list to start using it.

You can find more information about Keyman and KMP files at Keyman Help Center.


KMP files also refer to KORG Keyboard instrument sample files (Korg Multisample Parameter). These files are specifically for use in KORG electronic keyboard instruments and synthesizers, containing information about multi-sample programs to recreate realistic instrument sounds. You can use the KMP files with KORG compatible synthesizers and create your own custom multi-sample programs. More details about how to use KMP files with KORG instruments can be found in the instrument's user manual.

Mario Kart Wii Course Description

KMP files also act as Mario Kart Wii course description files. These files store information about how objects and items are placed in game course maps. With some knowledge of Mario Kart Wii game modification, you can edit these KMP files to create custom in-game tracks. To alter KMP files for Mario Kart Wii:

  1. Download and install Wiimms SZS Tools.
  2. Open the tools and extract the KMP file from your desired SZS file (course file).
  3. With the help of an SZS modifier, edit the KMP file and save the changes.

For more resources and guidance about editing and working with Mario Kart Wii KMP files, visit the Custom Mario Kart Wiki.

Alternative Uses

There are also various other niche applications for KMP file extensions. For example:

  • Knowledge Management Platform file: used for managing and storing digital bookmarks.
  • Audio Creation Studio Music Data: used for storing musical sequences.

Though more obscure, these applications can still be found and used if needed. Relevant documentation or software help files should be consulted when dealing with less common formats.

KMP File Important Information

As demonstrated in this article, KMP files serve multiple purposes, each with its unique methods for opening and utilizing them. Understanding the context in which the KMP file is being used will determine the necessary steps for opening and working with it, so always remember to verify the file's purpose before proceeding. Good luck in navigating the world of KMP files and how to best use them!

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