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HXM file extension, also known as Hexamail Server Configuration Database file, is relatively less known among general PC users. The purpose of this article is to dive deep and explore all concerning HXM file, its possible formats, how to open them, and what tools may be needed for proper accessibility and utilization.

Possible Formats

An HXM file extension primarily belongs to the Hexamail Server Configuration Database format, utilized by Hexamail's email server software for configuration settings. In certain situations, it might be pertinent to change the format to make it more accessible or secure, based on user requirements. Here, we desicuss the two most common file formats that an HXM file can be converted into; namely TXT (text file) and PDF (Portable Document Format). For such conversions, one could use online tools available on websites such as

How to Open HXM Files

Opening an HXM file might require certain specific software since not all systems are equipped to handle such files. The primary software to open an HXM file is Hexamail Server, a program developed by Hexamail Ltd. The download link for the software is available at

In case one does not have the Hexamail Server software, there are other alternatives that might assist in opening such files. Notably, file viewer software like File Magic can open many different types of files, even if the original software is not installed. However, this depends on the exact file format. File Magic can be downloaded at

HXM File Important Information

HXM file extension has a binary format and belongs to the System Files category. It is thus essential to approach such files with caution as they might affect the system's configurations. Any changes made to these files should be done carefully to prevent any potential damage to your system's functionality.

Remember, if you do not have the appropriate Hexamail Server, or the other aforementioned software installed, you might experience an error prompt when trying to open this type of file. In such a scenario, it might be helpful to download or purchase the correct application.

It's also worth noting that some files might be protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology, which may prevent you from opening them. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure you have the rights or the necessary permissions to access the files.

How Can I Open HXM File on Windows

How Can I Open HXM File on Mac OS

How Can I Open HXM File on Android

If you downloaded a HXM file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open HXM File on iPhone or iPad

To open HXM File on iOS device follow steps below:

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