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A file with an HSP extension can be associated with multiple programs or uses. In order to facilitate the proper utilization of these files, it is essential to understand the possible formats and ways to open them. In this article, we will discuss the primary uses and functions of HSP files, along with resources and tools that will help users manage these files efficiently.

HSP as Hotspot Script File

Hotspot Script (HSP) files are commonly used in website design and development, specifically for creating interactive hotspots in web pages. The HSP file is a text file that contains script code written in the Hotspot programming language. Hotspot scripts are typically used for creating image maps, rollover effects, and other interactive web components. To open and edit an HSP file in this context, you can use any ordinary text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, or Sublime Text. You can learn more about the Hotspot programming language and how to use it on the official Hotspot language website.

HSP as Hemera Photo-Object File

Files with the HSP extension are also associated with high-resolution images that are part of the Hemera Photo-Object library. Hemera Photo-Objects are high-quality stock images designed for use in graphics and design projects. These images are usually in HSP format to protect the image's copyright and to prevent unauthorized distribution. Opening an HSP file in this context would require the correct software � in this case, the Hemera Photo-Objects application, which is no longer supported or officially available for download. However, you may still find websites and forums offering unofficial resources to help manage and convert these HSP files into other formats. For instance, the software reaConverter can be used to convert HSP files to more popular image formats like JPEG.

HSP as Hasp Button File

HSP files may also be associated with "Hasp Button" files, used in connection with Aladdin Knowledge System's hardware-based licensing system called HASP. HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) provides developers and software publishers a means to secure their digital products against piracy. HSP files in this context store specific information about the software product, such as licensing details, and work in conjunction with a USB-based hardware dongle for piracy protection. To manage HSP files related to HASP, you will need access to the appropriate Aladdin Knowledge System's toolkit like Sentinel HASP.

HSP File Important Information

In conclusion, HSP files have multiple uses and are associated with different formats depending on their context. To properly manage and use HSP files, it is essential to differentiate which program or use they belong to � as a Hotspot Script file, Hemera Photo-Object file, or a Hasp Button file. In each case, you need specific tools and resources to open and edit the HSP files efficiently. As demonstrated in this article, the information provided for each use-case can help guide users in selecting the most appropriate tools and resources for managing HSP files effectively.

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