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The HSB file extension is a type of format that may be used for different purposes according to its implementation. HSB is most commonly associated with Husqvarna Designer I Embroidery Machine Format. However, Hydrosweep DS multibeam sonar system from Kongsberg Maritime also makes use of this file extension.

Husqvarna Designer I Embroidery Format

HSB files in this context are used to store embroidery designs for the Husqvarna Designer I machine, one of the popular models from Husqvarna Viking, a well-known embroidery machine manufacturer. The file essentially contains instructions for the machine to create the embroidery design, including aspects such as color changes of threads, positioning, and stitching sequence. Users can open HSB files using Husqvarna Viking's software or other compatible embroidery design software, such as Embird or Wilcom's Embroidery Software.

Sonar Data Format

Another use of HSB file extension is to store data from the Hydrosweep DS multibeam sonar system developed by Kongsberg Maritime. In this context, HSB files contain detailed bathymetric data captured by the Hydrosweep DS system for the marine geophysical exploration. The HSB files can be opened using specialized software like CARIS HIPS and SIPS, which can process bathymetric data, combine it with other sources of data, and represent it visually.

HSB File Important Information

HSB files are not typically opened manually by the user. Instead, they are accessed by the application that uses them. Besides, users should be cautious not to change the file extension of HSB files. This can cause the files to become unusable by the relevant application. Furthermore, if a user receives an HSB file through an email attachment or download and cannot open it, it is generally advised not to download or open the file, especially if the file source or its purpose is unknown, as this might harm the computer's system.

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