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HPT file extension is associated with different types of files and applications, which determine how to open the files and their usability. This article dives into the use-cases and formats of files with an HPT extension, excluding the training data.

High-performance Toolkits (HPT) for .NET Framework

The HPT file extension is associated with the High-Performance Toolkits for the .NET Framework. It is typically used while developing software applications, mainly through Microsoft's .NET Framework. With this application, HPT files are meant to be executed, not opened or viewed. For more details, visit Microsoft's official site at Microsoft.

HPT files for HP NewWave

The HPT file extension is also linked with HP NewWave, an environment that was developed by Hewlett-Packard, to introduce object-oriented interface for Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, the product is no longer actively developed which makes opening HPT files associated with HP NewWave challenging. However, a search on websites such as OldVersion may provide archives of the application.

HPT File and the Transport Tycoon

In gaming scenarios, the HPT file is associated with Transport Tycoon, a business simulation game where players are in charge of a transport company. The HPT file stores high score data of the game. Opening the HPT files requires the original Transport Tycoon game, which can be downloaded at OpenTTD, a recreative open-source version of the game.

Hierarchy Process Template (HPT) for Project Management

The HPT extension is also used for Project Management, specifically through a software program called Hierarchy Process Template (HPT). This program helps in aligning tasks, resources, and project participants effectively. To use the HPT files created by HPT, you will need to have the program, Hierarchy Process Template, installed on your device.

HPT File Important Information

It is important to note that various applications could be associated with the HPT file extension, each with distinct ways to be accessed and used. Thus, its usability depends upon your computer's installed software. Be mindful of the integrity of HPT files and only open them with trusted software applications to prevent any damage or security breaches. For best practices on file association and execution, refer to this guide from PCWorld.

How to Open HPT File on Windows

How to Open HPT File on Mac OS

How to Open HPT File on Android

If you downloaded a HPT file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open HPT File on iPhone or iPad

To open HPT File on iOS device follow steps below:

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