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The HPI file extension can be associated with various formats and applications, causing confusion about the best methods for opening and using these files. This article will discuss different formats and ways to open and use them, shedding light on their multiple uses and offering valuable information for users to access their HPI files with ease.

Hemera Photo-Objects Image

HPI files are commonly associated with Hemera Photo-Objects, which is a collection of stock photos that can be used in various design applications. These files are raster images saved in the HPI format, and you can use Hemera Photo-Objects software tools to manipulate these images to create designs and illustrations. Hemera Photo-Objects have limited usage in modern programs due to their rarity and obsolescence.

HotDocs PDF Template

HotDocs is a popular document assembly and automation software that uses HPI files as PDF templates. These files contain the information needed to create custom documents based on user input, merging multiple data sources and documents together. To open and use HPI files in this context, you will need HotDocs software, which can be downloaded and installed from the official HotDocs website.

HP3000 Archival Information

HPI files are also used for HP3000 Archival, which refers to a backup data format related to the HP3000 computer series. These files contain critical information used in backing up and restoring data on HP3000 systems. Unfortunately, the HP3000 series computers are largely deprecated, and the software and hardware used to work with these backup files may be difficult to find. In order to access HPI files of this type, you will need to use specialized software designed specifically for HP3000 systems, such as the Allegro ABC software.

HPI File Important Information

As you can see, HPI files have distinct uses and formats depending on their association with a specific application or system. It is crucial for users to be aware of the software and tools required to open and manage these different types of HPI files. Properly handling your HPI files will ensure that you can continue to work with them efficiently and effectively. While some file types, such as HP3000 Archival and Hemera Photo-Objects images, may face challenges due to obsolete technology, other file types like HotDocs PDF Templates can still be successfully opened and manipulated with up-to-date software.

How Can I Open HPI File on Windows

How Can I Open HPI File on Mac OS

How Can I Open HPI File on Android

If you downloaded a HPI file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open HPI File on iPhone or iPad

To open HPI File on iOS device follow steps below:

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