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In today's digital world, file formats play a crucial role in organizing and accessing various types of data. One such file format is the HHT file extension. This article aims to explore the different possible formats and ways to open and use files with an HHT file extension. Depending on the specific use case, HHT files may be used for different purposes, which we will discuss in separate sections. Additionally, the article will include relevant links to websites that provide more detailed information on HHT file formats and their respective uses.

Using HHT Files for Help and Support Services

The abbreviation HHT stands for 'HTML Help Template' and is primarily associated with Microsoft Windows Help Workshop. These files contain templates that help developers create uniform help documentation for Windows application software. The Windows Help Workshop uses HHT files to define the appearance and functionality of HTML help files such as help topics, table of contents, index, and search features.

To open and use HHT files for this purpose, you may download and install the Windows Help Workshop from Microsoft's official website (download link). This tool can assist you in editing and managing the HTML help content in a user-friendly interface. Note that the Windows Help Workshop is an old application and may not be compatible with some modern systems. In this case, alternative software such as HelpNDoc ( or Dr.Explain ( can be used to create and manage HTML help files.

Using HHT Files with HyperHub Data

Another use case for the HHT file extension is with HyperHub data. HyperHub is a communication platform that provides efficient, secure, and highly-scalable data transfer and synchronization between various devices and systems. HHT files in this context are used to store and synchronize specific pieces of data across multiple endpoints. Still, due to its limited and specialized usage, detailed information about opening and using HHT files for HyperHub data is not widely available.

For more information about HyperHub and its capabilities, you may visit the HyperHub official website ( If you need to work with HHT files in this context, it is recommended that you consult the platform's documentation or contact their support with any questions.

HHT File Important Information

In conclusion, HHT file extensions have multiple uses depending on the context in which they are being accessed. Whether it's for creating help documentation for Windows applications or synchronizing HyperHub data, it's crucial to understand how to properly open and use these files. The provided links and resources in this article aim to guide you through these processes and offer additional sources of information should you need further assistance.

How Can I Open HHT File on Windows

How Can I Open HHT File on Mac OS

How Can I Open HHT File on Android

If you downloaded a HHT file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open HHT File on iPhone or iPad

To open HHT File on iOS device follow steps below:

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