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GWB files are data files associated with various software applications, and they usually contain information necessary for those applications to function properly. The format and ways to open or use GWB files largely depend on the specific application they are associated with. This article explores some possible formats and ways to open or use GWB files, as well as important information related to this file extension.

General Purpose GWB Files

General purpose GWB files are typically used as a data storage format by some software applications, such as databases, spreadsheets, or data manipulation programs. Although these files share the GWB extension, they might have a different internal structure that is not necessarily recognized or compatible between applications.

To open a general purpose GWB file, first determine which application it was created with or is associated with. If you have the corresponding application installed, try to open the file directly from that application. Alternatively, you may be able to find a dedicated converter that specifically supports the file format in question. For instance, offers information on various GWB file formats and possible options for opening or converting them.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Files

Geographic Information System (GIS) files with the GWB extension are associated with the Graphisoft ARCHICAD software. These files are used to store geographical information relating to a building or architectural project, such as topographical data, building footprints, or other geographic elements.

To open a GIS GWB file, you'll need to have Graphisoft ARCHICAD installed on your computer. Once you have the application, simply open the file from within the program, and you can then visualize or manipulate the geographical data as needed.

Compressed GridWorkbench Files

GWB files can also be associated with Altair FEKO, an analysis and optimization software used in electromagnetics engineering. In this context, GWB files are compressed GridWorkbench files, which contain project data and simulation results.

To open a GWB file in Altair FEKO's GridWorkbench, first ensure that you have the software installed on your computer. Next, launch GridWorkbench, and open the GWB file using the Open command within the application. Once the file is opened, you can access the simulation data and use it according to your needs.

GWB File Important Information

In summary, GWB files have various formats and uses depending on the associated software application. It's essential to identify the specific application tied to the GWB file in order to open and use it effectively. When attempting to open or use a GWB file, make sure you have the appropriate software installed and pay close attention to the different formats associated with that software application. Utilize resources such as to gather more information on the particular GWB file format you are dealing with and the best ways to open or convert it.

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How Can I Open GWB File on Android

If you downloaded a GWB file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open GWB File on iPhone or iPad

To open GWB File on iOS device follow steps below:

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