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A GPI file extension is a file format that holds data related to geographical points of interest. These files are widely used in GPS navigation systems, mapping tools, and other geographic information systems (GIS). GPI files serve multiple purposes and their usage may depend on the application they are employed in. This article will discuss the different formats, ways to open, and uses of files with GPI extensions.

Garmin Point of Interest (POI) Files

One of the most common uses for GPI files is storing Point of Interest (POI) data for Garmin GPS devices. Garmin is a leading manufacturer of GPS navigation devices and their products utilize GPI files to provide users with relevant location data, such as restaurants, gas stations, and landmarks. To create, edit, or convert GPI files for Garmin devices, users may utilize Garmin's official software solutions like POILoader and BaseCamp.

Geopackage Files

Another use for the GPI file extension is in Geopackage files. A Geopackage is a SQLite database containing geographic data such as layers, styles, and tables. This format is widely employed for exchanging geospatial data among GIS platforms. To open or manage a Geopackage file, you may use open-source software like QGIS or commercial software like ArcGIS Pro.

Golden Software Didger Project Files

Golden Software Didger is a program that digitizes and converts paper maps, graphs, plots, and aerial photos into digital formats. GPI files in this context serve as project files containing reference data, digitized objects, and settings for the Didger software. To work with these GPI files, the Didger software must be installed on your system.

GenePix Image Files

In the context of molecular biology, GPI files may represent image files generated by GenePix microarray scanners. These scanners produce high-resolution images of DNA, RNA, and protein microarrays used for analyzing gene expression and other molecular interactions. To view and analyze GenePix GPI files, you will need to use GenePix Pro software or other compatible alternatives.

GPI File Important Information

Understanding the various applications of GPI file extensions is important to utilize them effectively. Be sure to use the appropriate software for opening, editing, or converting GPI files based on their specific use. Always exercise caution when downloading GPI files or software tools from the internet to avoid potential security risks. Download software only from reputable websites or the official websites of the software developers. Ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date to keep your system protected against possible malware.

How Can I Open GPI File on Windows

How Can I Open GPI File on Mac OS

How Can I Open GPI File on Android

If you downloaded a GPI file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open GPI File on iPhone or iPad

To open GPI File on iOS device follow steps below:

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