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FUZE file extensions are associated with different types of files and software programs; therefore, opening and using FUZE files require an understanding of their specific format and purpose. This article explores the possible formats and methods for working with FUZE file extensions, along with helpful resources to guide you in the proper direction.

Fuze Meeting Video Files

Fuze Meeting is a web conferencing and collaboration program that utilizes FUZE file extensions for their video recordings. The Fuze Meeting video files are saved in the FUZE format and can be exported to other formats such as MPEG or AVI for easier sharing and playback options. To open and use these FUZE files, you must use the Fuze Meeting application. You can download Fuze Meeting from their official website:


FUZE BASIC is a programming language designed to help learners develop coding skills. FUZE files associated with this language contain program code in the FUZE BASIC format. These files can only be opened, edited, and executed using the FUZE BASIC integrated development environment (IDE) provided by the company. You can download and learn more about FUZE BASIC on their official website:

FUZE Blockly Files

An extension of the FUZE project is FUZE Blockly, a visual programming tool that generates FUZE BASIC code through a block-based editor. FUZE Blockly files are essentially sets of instructions in XML format, generated from the on-screen blocks. You can open the associated FUZE files with FUZE Blockly or FUZE Studio, which is available for download on their official site:

FUZE File Important Information

It is crucial to understand that one must use the correct software application to open and use FUZE files effectively. Fuze Meeting, FUZE BASIC, and FUZE Blockly each serves a unique purpose and employs different methods for opening FUZE files. By identifying the specific format associated with the FUZE file extension, you can eliminate confusion and ensure compatibility with the proper software program for your needs. Always refer to official websites and user guides for additional information and support.

How Can I Open FUZE File on Windows

How Can I Open FUZE File on Mac OS

How Can I Open FUZE File on Android

If you downloaded a FUZE file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open FUZE File on iPhone or iPad

To open FUZE File on iOS device follow steps below:

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