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Files with the FMT extension can support various formats, depending on their application, some of which are listed below:


In this first case, the FMT file is a format configuration file created by FoxPro, a database development system.

About FoxPro

FoxPro is a data-centric, object-oriented, procedural programming language produced by Microsoft and originally developed by Fox Software in 1984 as FoxBASE.

FoxBASE was intended for rapid data-centric application development and was the fastest PC-based database engine during its time.

FoxPro is essentially a relational database that comes with an object-oriented programming environment, making it an ideal tool for data-centric application development.

It was used to manage large volumes of data for desktop, distributed client, client/server, rich client, and web database applications.

FoxPro was eventually discontinued with the version released in 2004 and last updated in 2007.

This FMT file contains settings referenced by FoxPro to specify data formats and validate data entered into FoxPro tables.


In this section, FMT file is an application support file used by WinRAR.

More about WinRAR

WinRAR is compression software available on many operating systems.

WinRAR program provides the possibility to compress numerous archives into one, thus doing two tasks at the same time.

The first is to bundle as many files as we want into a single zipped file, and the second is to save storage space since you've zipped them.

File compression is something that has been done for many years, when computers were very limited in memory it was necessary to compress certain files to save space on the hard drive.

Today this technique is rather used to centralize a large amount of information and thus be able to share it more comfortably, through a single file.

WinRAR is a program most often used for RAR extension and format files.

Knowing this, FMT files contain data used to support the different compression formats in the software.

This format is saved in the root directory of the WinRAR installation.

Software for opening and working with a FMT file

How Can I Open FMT File on Windows

How Can I Open FMT File on Mac OS

How Can I Open FMT File on Android

If you downloaded a FMT file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open FMT File on iPhone or iPad

To open FMT File on iOS device follow steps below:

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