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A FIG file extension is a versatile file format that can be associated with various applications and purposes. This article aims to highlight the different formats and ways to open and use files with the FIG file extension. It is crucial to identify the intended purpose and in which application the file was created to ensure the proper usage of the files.

Xfig: A Drawing Program for X Window System

The most common usage of the FIG file extension is for Xfig - a drawing program for the X Window System. With this program, users can draw diagrams in vector graphics format. These files are stored with a ".fig" extension to represent the different objects within the drawings. Non-technical users are advised to use a compatible graphics editor such as Inkscape for ease of use. Inkscape can be downloaded from the official website at

LaTeX Picture Format

Another purpose of the FIG file extension is for LaTeX Picture format. LaTeX is a document preparation system used for creating technical and scientific publications. To insert a figure into a LaTeX document, you can convert the ".fig" file to a more accessible format like PDF or PS (PostScript). Then, use the graphicx package within a LaTeX document to include the figure. LaTeX users can find more resources at the LaTeX Project website:

GNOME Object Model Environment (GOM)

The FIG file format is also used by GNOME Object Model Environment (GOM), a modular 3D modeling system. The ".fig" files contain geometric shapes and data used within this 3D environment. For users who are not familiar with GNOME, alternative 3D modeling software such as Blender or FreeCAD can be used to create and work with these file formats. Blender can be downloaded from its official website at, and FreeCAD can be found at

Other Usages and Formats

There are some other applications and usages of the FIG file extension as well, including:

  • Forano Image Format: A proprietary image format related to 3D graphic design.
  • FIG-C: A variant of the C programming language mainly used in microcontrollers and low-level hardware applications.
  • Various video game resource files.

In most cases, these formats have their specific applications or tools to work with the FIG file extension. It is essential to identify the right application to open and manage the file accordingly.

FIG File Important Information

Although FIG files can have different applications and formats, identifying the right context and usage is an important step in opening and using them appropriately. Each format has its unique features and applications, as mentioned above. For further support or information, refer to the relevant resources and official websites mentioned throughout this article.

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To open FIG File on iOS device follow steps below:

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