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EXD files are a type of cache file related to Microsoft Office applications, particularly Visual Basic. These files store temporary data to help various components of the suite function efficiently. On the other hand, some EXD files may be part of the IDispatch interface in a Microsoft ActiveX control, serving as information-specific support for software applications. In this article, we will explore the various formats and ways to open and use files with an EXD file extension.

Microsoft Office Cache Files

EXD files serve as a cache for Microsoft Office applications related to Visual Basic for Application (VBA) projects. When you create or modify a VBA project, a new EXD file is generated to store temporary data for the specific control, and it typically helps speed up the execution process. Since EXD files are cache files, they can be safely deleted if they are causing issues with your application. However, note that deleting an EXD file may trigger the creation of a new one when you use the associated control again.

There are no specific third-party software programs to open EXD cache files, as they are automatically managed by the Microsoft Office applications involved. If you encounter issues with these files, the recommended troubleshooting steps include repairing the associated Microsoft Office application or deleting the EXD file and allowing the program to recreate it. More information on Microsoft Office cache files can be found on the Microsoft Office VBA reference.

ActiveX Control Files

In addition to their cache-related functionality, EXD files might also be created and utilized by the Microsoft IDispatch interface to store information related to an ActiveX control. In this case, the EXD file essentially becomes a representation of a particular module being utilized by a program, without requiring the program to include that module directly in its file structure. The file contains specific information on how the software can connect to a given ActiveX control, ensuring smoother integration between the application and the control used in the program.

For ActiveX control EXD files, you can try opening them with a text editor like Notepad++ or an integrated development environment (IDE) like Visual Studio ( Keep in mind that these files may be harder for a human to read, as they primarily serve as communication between the program and the ActiveX interface.

EXD File Important Information

EXD files are not meant to be directly viewed or edited by users, and they usually serve a behind-the-scenes role in ensuring software efficiency. If you encounter these files on your computer, it is generally safe to leave them alone unless you experience issues with the associated Microsoft Office applications or the ActiveX control they are related to. If that occurs, consider repairing the Office application or deleting the files to allow the program to rebuild them.

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