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Electronic Data Sheets (EDS) files are commonly used for communication between various industrial devices and software applications. These files are used to exchange information, define devices, and provide details about the structure and capabilities of a device. EDS files can be found in a variety of formats and are used in different ways depending on the specific application. In this article, we will explore these various formats and ways to open and use EDS files.

EDS File Formats

EDS file formats vary depending on the application and the devices that they are intended for. Two of the most common file formats are:

  • ASCII Format: The ASCII format is a plain text file format that provides information about the device, including its product code, identity, attributes, objects, and other key properties. This format is highly compatible with most platforms, and can be opened and edited using any text editor.
  • XML Format: The XML format provides the same information as the aforementioned ASCII format, but is structured using XML tags instead. This format allows for better data organization and is more easily read by both humans and machines. To open this type of EDS file, a user can employ an XML editor or any text editor that supports XML syntax highlighting.

How to Open EDS Files

As mentioned earlier, EDS files can be opened using various text editors depending on their format. Here are some methods to open and modify EDS files:

  1. Text Editor: Applications like Notepad++ (, Sublime Text (, and Visual Studio Code ( are widely used text editors that support syntax highlighting for both ASCII and XML formats. Simply open the editor, navigate to the EDS file, and open it.
  2. EDS File Viewer: Specialized programs like EDS File Viewer ( are available to open and view EDS files, providing an organized way to explore their contents without making modifications to the file.

Using EDS Files with Industrial Devices

EDS files are used by multiple industrial applications to facilitate communication and configuration between devices. Some common ways to use EDS files include:

  • Device Configuration: Many industrial devices come with an EDS file provided by the manufacturer, which contains necessary parameters and attributes for the device. This file can be imported into a device configuration software, facilitating quick configuration and integration within the system.
  • System Integration: EDS files can be employed by system integrators to configure communication protocols, ensuring seamless interaction between various devices in the system.
  • Design and Modelling: In some cases, EDS files are used in the design and modelling phase to help engineers understand the device's structure and capabilities, allowing them to make better-informed decisions during the design process.

EDS File Important Information

Understanding the usage and significance of EDS files is crucial for anyone involved in the industrial automation field. These files contain essential information about a device, allowing for efficient device integration, configuration, and communication within a system. Mastering how to open, modify, and use EDS files contributes to maximizing the potential of industrial systems and devices.

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How Can I Open EDS File on Android

If you downloaded a EDS file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open EDS File on iPhone or iPad

To open EDS File on iOS device follow steps below:

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