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E00 files are file extensions often associated with topographic vector data, GIS information, and other raster data. This type of file extension is commonly used in software applications like ArcGIS, ArcView, and other geographic information systems. Understanding E00 file types, their various formats, and the ways in which you can open and use these types of files will prove beneficial to those working with GIS data or other geospatial projects.

Topographic Vector Data and GIS Information

The E00 file format is primarily associated with topographic vector data and GIS information. It was originally intended to be interchangeable between Esri's software applications: ArcGIS, ArcView, and the now-defunct ARC/INFO. The E00 format is a plain text format that can be compressed (.E00) or uncompressed (.E00.ASCII). The compressed form is much smaller and therefore easier to share, but must be uncompressed before use. A guide for understanding E00 files for Esri's ArcGIS can be found here.

Opening E00 Files

There are several ways to open, import, and use E00 files depending on the software being used. In Esri's ArcGIS software, specifically ArcGIS Pro, the conversion tool can be used to convert E00 files into other formats, such as shapefiles, for further usage. The official Esri support documentation provides a step�by�step guide on how to do this, available here.

Another option for opening E00 files is to use Esri's ArcView or QGIS, an open-source GIS software. In QGIS, the E00 format can be imported using GDAL tools, followed by any required manipulation and use. Details on how to import E00 files into QGIS can be found in the official GDAL documentation.

Converting E00 Files to Other Formats

Beyond the GIS software applications mentioned above, E00 files can be converted to other formats using third-party conversion tools. One such tool is the E00 to SHP conversion tool, which allows you to easily convert E00 files into the widely used shapefile format. offers a useful open-source tool for accomplishing this conversion.

E00 File Important Information

When working with E00 files, it is important to remember that they are an older file format and may require additional software, tools, or conversion steps to be properly opened and used in modern GIS applications. Additionally, due to E00 files containing topographic and geospatial data, importing and exporting from your preferred GIS application may require knowledge of coordinate systems, projections, and other spatial reference systems to ensure the data is accurately displayed and analyzed.

With this information in mind, it should be easier to work with E00 files and fully utilize their potential in GIS applications and geospatial projects. By understanding how to open, convert, and use the data contained in E00 files, users can benefit from the rich information embedded in these types of datasets.

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