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A DOC-1 file extension may refer to different file formats. It is essential to identify the specific format associated with the file before attempting to open, view, or edit it. This article seeks to enlighten readers about the various formats that might be using the DOC-1 file extension, and the methods and tools available for opening, viewing, and utilizing such files.

Possible Formats for DOC-1 Files

There are two main formats associated with the DOC-1 file extension, and these are DOC1 (now part of the EngageOne Communicate suite) and older Documentum files. Let's explore each of these formats more in depth.

DOC1 Files

DOC1 or EngageOne Communicate files, developed by Precisely, are used for Customer Communication Management (CCM) and document generation purposes. They contain document layouts, branding elements, and variable data that make personalized communication possible for a company's customers.

In order to open and view a DOC1 file, the recommended software is EngageOne Designer. This application not only allows users to open the file, but also to modify and create new files with ease. Note that EngageOne Designer is a licensed software product.

Documentum Files

Older Documentum files, developed by OpenText, are part of the Documentum Content Management System (CMS). These types of files have been used for document and records management in various industry sectors, including finance, pharmaceuticals, and government agencies.

For these files, the recommended software is Documentum suite application developed by OpenText. This software is suited for large enterprises and helps you manage your Documentum file repositories and documents.

DOC-1 File Important Information

Given that there are multiple file formats with the same DOC-1 file extension, it is crucial to identify the file's appropriate application. If you are unsure, you can try both applications mentioned above to determine the right software to access and manipulate these files.

EngageOne Designer by Precisely and Documentum by OpenText are both licensed software products. Companies that seek to use these applications for their Customer Communication Management and Content Management needs should consult with the respective software vendors to get the full details about pricing and implementation.

How Can I Open DOC-1 File on Windows

How Can I Open DOC-1 File on Mac OS

How Can I Open DOC-1 File on Android

If you downloaded a DOC-1 file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open DOC-1 File on iPhone or iPad

To open DOC-1 File on iOS device follow steps below:

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