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A DESKTHEMEPACK format file is a desktop theme file included starting with the Windows 8 operating system.

It should be noted that DESKTHEMEPACK is not an extension, but a format that, in turn, is archived in the CAB file.

The DESKTHEMEPACK format contains background images, in JPG format, as well as a THEME extension file, which, in turn, contains colors, sounds and other settings used to customize the Windows desktop.

DESKTHEMEPACK files can be downloaded and shared with other Windows users, however DESKTHEMEPACK files are specific to Windows 8 and are not compatible with Windows 7.

It should be noticed that after unpacking their content they can be used in other operating systems, including Windows 7.

DESKTHEMEPACK files can be created manually using dedicated system customization tools. They can also be customized by right-clicking "My Themes" in the Windows Personalization Control Panel and selecting "Save Theme to Share" .

To work with DESKTHEMEPACK files you must have Windows 8 available on your system:

Windows 8

Open DESKTHEMEPACK File on Windows


Open DESKTHEMEPACK File on Android

If you downloaded a DESKTHEMEPACK file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open DESKTHEMEPACK File on iPhone or iPad

To open DESKTHEMEPACK File on iOS device follow steps below:

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