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CFG file extension is most commonly associated with a generic configuration file, and are often used to store settings and preferences. CFG files are very common, and are widely used by operating systems, processes and applications to specify initial configuration settings at runtime. Though less common, the CFG file extension may also be used to denote Citrix server connection profiles. These store details such as hostname, IP address, username and password for connection to a specified server via a Citrix client.

Older applications, particularly on the Windows platform, traditionally stored configuration settings and initial parameters in external CFG files, which would be read and used when the application was launched. Though many applications now store their settings in other locations such as the registry in Windows, CFG files are still widely used to store configuration information, such as where it may be appropriate to allow users access to read and modify their contents.

CFG files are usually stored in plaintext, with each individual setting or parameter on a new line, and can be opened and modified using any text editor. However, modifying the contents of a CFG file should only be done with a thorough understanding of the consequences, as setting parameters incorrectly could stop the associated application running correctly. Even though you can open CFG file in text editor and modify it directly it is safer to modify settings from within the application, as this will ensure that the CFG file is modified using a compatible format.

You can open CFG files using any text editor, though care should be taken not to make and save changes as this may cause an application to function incorrectly. It is usually best to open the associated application, which can usually be implied either by the name or location of the CFG file, and modify settings from within it which will alter the CFG configuration file to reflect any changes.

How Can I Open CFG File on Windows

How Can I Open CFG File on Mac OS

How Can I Open CFG File on Android

If you downloaded a CFG file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open CFG File on iPhone or iPad

To open CFG File on iOS device follow steps below:

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