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BNP files are associated with several different applications and, as a result, have multiple uses and ways to be opened. This article will discuss the possible formats and ways to open and use BNP files, with separate chapters dedicated to each use. Additionally, links to relevant websites will be provided throughout the article for reference.

BaanERP Software

One common use for BNP files is within BaanERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed by Baan Corporation. BaanERP software is designed to help organizations streamline their business operations and increase efficiency. BNP files are used to store custom application data and configurations created by developer and end-users of the BaanERP software. To open and edit BNP files in BaanERP, you will need access to the specific BaanERP product suite that generated the file. Although Baan Corporation no longer exists, its solutions are still supported and sold by Infor, the company that acquired its assets and integrated them into their line of business management software.

PlayStation Portable (PSP) Background Image

Another use for BNP files is as a format for background images or wallpapers on Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming devices. BNP files contain images and textures, specifically designed for the PSP's resolution and dimensions. These files can be opened by using a PSP theme editor, such as Theme Editor.

BNP File Converter Software

If you have a BNP file that you cannot open using the methods discussed above, you may need to convert it into a more widely recognized file format. There are several online converters, like, or free software like XnView MP, that can convert BNP files to other file formats like JPG or PNG. Keep in mind that the conversion process may result in loss of quality or functionality, depending on the original contents of the BNP file.

BNP File Important Information

BNP files can be associated with various applications, which can sometimes make it difficult to determine the best method for opening and using them. It is essential to have the appropriate software or tools to access the contents of BNP files. When trying to open BNP files, always take care to ensure compatibility and avoid unintentionally altering the contents or damaging the file.

How Can I Open BNP File on Windows

How Can I Open BNP File on Mac OS

How Can I Open BNP File on Android

If you downloaded a BNP file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open BNP File on iPhone or iPad

To open BNP File on iOS device follow steps below:

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