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BNK extension files can acquire various format and application options, some of them below:

Guitar Rig

In this first case, BNK is the file extension of an audio instrument preset used by amp and effects modeling software, called Guitar Rig.

Guitar Rig is a famous multi-effects processor for guitars.

Like many of its popular hardware predecessors from years before its inception, Guitar Rig has grown into a solid staple of digital-based multi-effects processing software.

In fact, Guitar Rig has become a feature of many popular sound recording and editing packages for use with computers.

Audiokinetic Wwise

The Wwise gaming audio creation software uses a different BNK file format than Guitar Rig.

More about Audiokinetic Wwise

Audiokinetic is a Canadian software company, in charge of developing middleware and audio players for video games and multimedia.

It has its own audio editing program, Wwise, and a cross-platform sound engine.

Audiokinetic Wwise, along with Game On Audio, are the two sound editing programs used by members of Red Barrels Games for Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower.

The BNK file saves the settings of the audio editing, made by Wwise.

RAD Video Tools

In this section, the BNK filename extension is also associated with music and videos compressed with the Smacker gaming video codec and stored in Bink containers.

Rad Video Tools is a Bink and a Smacker video encoder.

It can also convert your video to an exe file with built-in player and convert Quicktime MOV to AVI / DivX.

These videos, saved in BNK format, are usually processed with RAD Video Tools and are mainly used to render scenes in video games.


In this case, and different from the previous ones, the BNK file is a playlist created by Spotify, a music streaming program.

Spotify is a platform and at the same time a digital music streaming service that provides access, free or paid, to its users to millions of songs, artist videos and podcasts from around the world, just as Apple Music and YouTube Premium.

The BNK file contains the data of your playlist, which is the songs that you have added to the playlist, for security reasons, it is not a file that is freely accessible to the common user.

To be safe and protect your playlist from unwanted editing or accidental deletion, you should locate your specific playlist.bnk file in the directory and copy it to another folder on your computer to save it.

Need for Speed

Electronic Arts video games such as Need for Speed save in-game sounds and music in BNK files.

Electronic Arts, Inc., EA, is an American company that develops and distributes video games for computers and video consoles.

It is the first in the so-called third party sector, that is, a licensee to produce games on video consoles from third-party companies, its headquarters are in Redwood City, California.

Thus, Need for Speed is a video game saga created by Electronic Arts, with titles created since 1999 and currently available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PSVITA, Nintendo 3DS , Android, iPhone, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PSP, NDS, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Xbox, PS2, PC, PS One.


A BNK file is a data file created by Turning Technologies ExamView, a program used to create assessment tasks and questions to assess student performance.

ExamView is a mobile application that allows students to use their smartphone to answer questions.

Student responses are collected on the desktop software ExamView Assessment Suite, ExamView's cloud service.

Contains a bank of one or more questions created by the Test Builder tool included with ExamView.

BNK files can be opened with the Question Bank Editor, which is part of ExamView.

Software packages for working with a BNK file

BNK files can take various formats of a different nature, therefore you must make sure of the file you have at hand, in order to choose the appropriate application and avoid damage to the file or the system:

How Can I Open BNK File on Windows

How Can I Open BNK File on Mac OS

How Can I Open BNK File on Android

If you downloaded a BNK file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open BNK File on iPhone or iPad

To open BNK File on iOS device follow steps below:

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