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The BLT file extension stores a list of the user's friends or contacts for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), a popular instant messaging program, now discontinued.

AIM (America-On-Line Instant Messenger) was an instant messaging client of America On Line, a web service provider primarily for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes.

Among the services provided by AOL are communication portals, email, messaging and online games, aimed at the US public.

Commonly called Instant Messenger, the tool's popularity varied, and it used to rank third in usage, behind Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Yahoo! Messenger.

However, and despite the above, the company's executives claimed to have 44.8 million visits each month, 5 million more than the Yahoo! and Microsoft.

AIM was discontinued in December 2017, years after its combination with Yahoo!, by Verizon Media.

The BLT file contained usernames and other information about friends who appeared on the program's "friend list."

The BLT friends list provided an easy way to contact friends and see which friends are online.

BLT files were used up to AIM 5.9 and earlier.

The BLT file extension is obsolete and it is currently unknown if it is used by any other application.

Software to open and work with a BLT file

  • AOL Instant Messenger (Discontinued and not supported)

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