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A file with the BDMV extension is a Blu-ray Information File or sometimes called a Blu-ray Disc Movie Value File.

They contain information about the content of a Blu-ray disc, but do not contain the actual media files.

Some common BDMV files may have the following names:

  • Index.bdmv: file that contains the cover and menu of the movie and its initial values.
  • MovieObject.bdmv - Contains interactive objects within the movie.
  • Sound.bdmv: values referring to incidental sounds, for the movie menu.

Some Blu-ray discs optionally save a Sound.BDMV file in the BDMV/AUXDATA/ directory.

BDM is a similar file format to BDMV, but is typically only seen on hard drives, whereas BDMV files are commonly used on optical discs.

BDMV files and BDM files are known as AVHCD information files.

It is important to note that BDMV files are plain text files, so you can also use Notepad or another free text editor to open the BDMV file.

Even many BDMV files are text-only files, which means that regardless of the file extension, a text editor can correctly display the file's contents.

Also, most popular disc authoring programs that support Blu-ray disc burning open BDMV files, such as the free Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC), BDMV Player, and VLC.

CyberLink PowerDVD, JRiver Media Center, Nero, and Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player also support BDMV files, however these are not free, but all of them have trial versions available.

If you can't get your file to open in the programs listed above, you may be misreading the file extension.

That is, in other words, since the BDMV extension closely resembles file extensions in unrelated formats, such as DMB, BDB , BDV, and BDF files, then the file may not be of the BDMV format and may have confusion about it.

Since BDMV files are descriptive only, it is not possible to convert them to a media format like MP4, MKV, in fact, BDMV files are not considered media files.

However, there are some converters available that are advertised as "BDMV converters" that work by converting video/audio content (such as MTS/M2TS files) on Blu-ray disc to other formats, but never to the actual BDMV files.

Software to open and work with a BDMV file

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How Can I Open BDMV File on Android

If you downloaded a BDMV file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open BDMV File on iPhone or iPad

To open BDMV File on iOS device follow steps below:

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