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An AVERY extension file is a label file created with Avery Design & Print or Design & Print Online.

More about Avery Design & Print

Avery is free online label design software, which allows designers to select and customize templates to print or even upload their own design, adding images from their computer, social media accounts, or clip art gallery.

The AVERY file contains one or more printable labels, which can include text, graphics, and page layout information.

AVERY files are used to print business cards, name tags, folder inserts, address labels, disc labels, greeting cards, and other labels.

Avery Design & Print can be downloaded and installed on Windows and macOS.

The program can be used to create craft labels, organize household media, or for business purposes.

Design & Print Online is label design software that runs as a Flash application in a web browser.

It allows users to save prints from a web browser to the AVERY file and then upload them via the web application.

After creating a design, an AVERY file can be saved to the local computer via the Avery Design & Print Online web interface.

The file can be loaded in the same interface to restore the layout to its saved state.

Designs created in Avery Design & Print Online can be exported to PDF format and then printed on any standard printer.

When you're ready to print, select Print in the upper right corner, choose whether or not to save your design, and then click Download PDF to download your design as a PDF file.

Please note that when converting an AVERY file to PDF, some resolution may be lost.

Software for opening and working with a AVERY file

How Can I Open AVERY File on Windows

How Can I Open AVERY File on Mac OS

How Can I Open AVERY File on Android

If you downloaded a AVERY file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open AVERY File on iPhone or iPad

To open AVERY File on iOS device follow steps below:

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