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Files that have the ABK extension have three different types of uses, namely:

Automatic Backup File

In this application, an ABK file is a backup file created by various programs, including CorelDRAW, Ability Office Write, and PrintMaster Gold.

The ABK file contains a backup copy of the currently open document or project, and is used to recover program data in case the computer crashes or the file is corrupted.

It is important to know that ABK files are not normally intended to be opened directly.

That is why the program that created them will guide users in the process of recovering any lost data from ABK file.

Arena Opening Book File

For Arena Opening, the ABK is a file that has a free graphical user interface used by chess engines.

The ABK file in this case contains "opening book" moves, which store opening strategies for an artificial intelligence player, and therefore can contain millions of predefined moves.

ABK files optimize the game and are basically used to reduce the computational expense of determining the optimal strategies for the first few moves of a chess game.

Need for Speed Underground Audio File

In this application, an ABK file functions as an audio file used by Need for Speed ??Underground (NFSU), which is a car racing game.

The ABK file, in this section, contains the speech of the game, music and other sound files, and is used to reproduce sound effects and music during the game.

Not all versions of the game Need For Speed ??make use of this format.

Software to open an ABK file

Due to the great diversity of formats that an ABK extension file can cover, it is necessary that you first make sure of the type of file, and once determined, you must have the most appropriate software package, below:

How Can I Open ABK File on Windows

How Can I Open ABK File on Mac OS

How Can I Open ABK File on Android

If you downloaded a ABK file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open ABK File on iPhone or iPad

To open ABK File on iOS device follow steps below:

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