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Technological advancements have introduced a rich variety of files, each with its unique extension. The file format is denoted by these extensions, which determine how a file is viewed or executed on a computer. In this context, we will examine some of the many extensions that we find today and explore the ways to open and use these files.

.doc and .docx

Microsoft word documents use both .doc and .docx extensions. They hold text, images, tables, and other graphical elements. Files with this extension can be opened using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other word processors. Online resources that provide detailed information include, and

.jpg and .png

.jpg and .png are popular image file formats. These image files can be opened with any image viewer or web browser. For more information on these files visit the JPEG group at and the PNG development group at


MP3 file format is a coding format for digital audio. Digital media players or any music player software can open it. Detailed resources and guidelines are given at


The .mp4 extension is commonly used for videos and can be opened with video player software like VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. Resources to understand more about .mp4 files are available at


Excel files use the .xlsx extension. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc are some of the applications to open these files. More information can be found from the Microsoft official support page at

96 File Important Information

While we have examined only a few, there are 96 file types that you might come across. Understanding each file extension and the required software to use them effectively can significantly improve your digital experience. As we continue to evolve digitally, newer file formats are developed necessitating an ongoing learning process for users globally.

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If you downloaded a 96 file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

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To open 96 File on iOS device follow steps below:

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