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Numeric extension 62 has several format options, some of which are listed below:

CREO Elements

The 62 file extension, in this application, has a CAD design use, through the CAD tool for mechanical parts, Creo Elements/Pro, compatible with Microsoft Windows, and distributed by PTC.

About CREO

PTC Creo Elements/Pro is an associative 3D solid modeling software based on mathematical algorithms using CAD/CAM/CAE.

It is part of a superior set of 10 collaborative applications that provide solid modeling, mechanical systems modeling, ortho-projection, finite element computation, parametric modeling for mechanical designers.

CREO is a software that uses parameters in the creation of its designs, which are saved in files that use numerical extensions, such as 62, being very popular among mechanical engineers and designers, despite its high cost.

In any case, CREO is still cheaper than its counterparts in the market, such as CATIA.

One of the strengths of this software is the implementation of mathematical analyzes based on finite element models, and the creation of files for computer-aided manufacturing.

Files with the 62 extension are elements designed by the program, which make up a larger design, which, in turn, has other associated numerical extension files.

Multi volume zip format

In this section, the 62 file extension is used as a multi-split zip file, usually the same size, when the original file to be compressed is very large or the number of files is larger.

It is convenient to use a multi-volume zip, such as the 62 archive, especially if it is to be hosted on a download website.

This method is known as multi-volume sequential compression, the settings of which are usually saved in the first file, identified with the extension '0'.

The 62 file extension means that it is the 62nd part of a complete ordered set with a specified number of parts.

That is why we do not recommend opening the 62 file individually and manually, as the original file may be corrupted.

Software to open and work with files with extension 62

Due to the variety of formats associated with the 62 extension, it is convenient to know first-hand the available file format, in order to subsequently have one of the following software packages:

Open 62 File on Windows

Open 62 File on Mac OS

Open 62 File on Android

If you downloaded a 62 file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open 62 File on iPhone or iPad

To open 62 File on iOS device follow steps below:

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