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Computers use file extensions to identify file types and the applications needed to open and interact with them. It can be a tricky business figuring out how to open these files if you are not aware of their specific software requirements. With 42 different file extensions in use, you need to have the right information at your fingertips. Here, we'll explore options for dealing with the prominent 42.

.doc and .docx

These file extensions are primarily associated with Microsoft Word documents. To open a .doc or .docx file, you would typically need Microsoft Word. However, these files can also be imported and edited in Google Docs (source) and OpenOffice Writer (source).

.ppt and .pptx

.ppt and .pptx are extensions for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint will allow you to view and edit these files, they could also be compatible with Google Slides (source) and OpenOffice Impress (source).

.xls and .xlsx

.xls and .xlsx are Microsoft Excel file extensions. These could either be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets (source), or OpenOffice Calc (source).


RTF stands for Rich Text Format. The RTF can be opened by various text processing applications like Microsoft Word and WordPad. Google Docs (source) also supports the RTF format.


This is a plain text file that can be opened with any text editor. This includes Microsoft Notepad, Sublime Text (source), or Atom (source).

.png, .jpg, and .gif

These are popular image file extensions and can be opened by any image viewer or editor such as Microsoft Paint, GIMP (source), or Adobe Photoshop (source).

.mp3, .wav, .flac

All these three are audio file formats. They can be played on different audio player software like Windows Media Player, VLC (source), or iTunes (source).

.zip, .rar, .tar

These are compressed file formats used for archiving. They can be unpacked using programs like 7-Zip (source), WinRAR (source), or built-in archive utilities in your OS.

.html, .css, .js

These are web development files which can be opened using text editors like Sublime Text (source) or Visual Studio Code (source). They're also viewable in web browsers.


PDF files are typically opened in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat (source). However, most modern web browsers also have built-in PDF viewing capabilities.

Other Extensions (.csv, .json, .xml, ...)

Finally, there are numerous other file extensions used for specific purposes. CSV, JSON, and XML are examples of data file types which can be opened in text editors or specific data processing programs.

42 File Important Information

Understanding file extensions is key to using different types of digital content. Recognizing the nature of the file via its extension can point you to the right program for opening and using the file. The 42 different file extensions discussed here represent a spectrum of the different types of digital content you might encounter. Knowing how to handle each one, whether it's an image, document, audio file, or code file, can greatly enhance your computing experience.

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