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In the modern world, being able to work with various file formats is a basic necessity, whether it's for your personal requirements or professional tasks. To cater to these needs, we'll be discussing formats and ways to open and use 30 different file extensions.


Starting with something familiar, .DOC and .DOCX files are Microsoft Word documents. These are primarily opened with Microsoft Word, but alternative text editors like WPS, LibreOffice Writer, and online tools such as Google Docs can also handle these documents. More information can be found on Microsoft Support.


.XLS and .XLSX denote Excel spreadsheet files. Besides Microsoft Excel, they can also be opened with other office suites like LibreOffice Calc or online with Google Sheets. Refer to Microsoft Office Support for detailed instructions.


For .PDF files, the most common software is Adobe Reader. However, several web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari can open PDF files. The original publisher's site, Adobe Acrobat, has more details.


.JPG and .PNG are popular image file formats. Image viewers or editors such as Windows Photo Viewer, IrfanView, and Photoshop can handle these formats. A comprehensive list of software can be found on IrfanView website.


The .GIF extension is used for animated image files. Apart from image editors, web browsers can also seamlessly display them. CanIUse website has more details about browser support.

.MP3 & .WAV

.MP3 and .WAV files are audio file formats. There are countless media players capable of playing these files, including Windows Media Player and VLC Player. Find more on VLC official site.

.MP4 & .MOV

.MP4 and .MOV files are commonly used video formats. Software like VLC Player, QuickTime Player, and various web browsers can play these files. Visit VLC or Apple QuickTime for more details.


.ZIP and .RAR denote compressed files or archives. They can be opened and extracted using software like 7-Zip or WinRAR. Check out 7-Zip official website for more help.


.HTML and .CSS are files used for creating websites, which can be viewed in a web browser or edited with a text editor. Details about editing can be found on W3Schools.


Files with .JS extension denote JavaScript files, which are used in web development. These files can be edited with text editors and run in web browsers. More about JavaScript can be found on W3Schools.


.PSD files are Adobe Photoshop documents. These can be handled by Photoshop and other similar image editing software. Visit Adobe Photoshop for more details.


Files with .AI extension are Adobe Illustrator Artwork documents. They require software like Adobe Illustrator for viewing and editing. Check out Adobe Illustrator for more.


The .SVG file extension stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. These can be edited with text editors or viewed in most web browsers. Further information can be found on CanIUse.

.3GP & .FLV

.3GP and .FLV are lesser-known video formats. For these, VLC Player is a versatile option. More guidance is available on VLC.


.DWG extension denotes a drawing file used by Autodesk AutoCAD. These files can be viewed with AutoCAD or designated viewers like DWG TrueView. Visit Autodesk's DWG page for more.

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Handling various file types requires proper software or tools. Each extension has its own purpose, and multiple tools may exist for handling different kinds of files with the same extension. Having a basic understanding of file formats will improve your digital literacy and enable effective personal and professional work.

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