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Files with the 000 extension can come from a variety of different sources and have numerous different uses depending on their origin. In most cases, the 000 extension indicates a sort of index file that is part of a larger system. Therefore, to open a 000 file, you usually have to make use of the program that originally generated it.

000 Files from Computer Games

Several computer games make use of files with the 000 extension. These files often contain game or level data which the game engine reads and uses to render the game environment. Games like Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City often utilize such files. The best way to open these files is to utilize tools like RenderWare model viewer (, which was specifically built for handling this type of file used in these games.

000 Files as Sequence Files

Some software uses 000 files as sequence files. They represent a piece of a larger body of data and are usually not meant to be opened directly. Instead, the main software that created them will open them automatically when needed. One such software is IBM Voice Type languages scripts that utilize 000 extension files for speech recognition. More information can be found on the IBM website (

000 Files for Disk Images

There are cases where the 000 file extension is used to signify disk images. These files are part of a sequence of split file outputs from disk imaging applications. The best way to handle these files would be to bring them into the original disc imaging software. Programs like UltraISO ( or ISOBuster ( are suitable for this purpose.

000 File Important Information

Lastly, remember that 000 files, given their nature, are usually integral parts of a software or game environment and as such, changes to them could impact the overall system. Always keep a backup of the original file before you make any changes or consider contacting the software developer for detailed information on the specific use of that file in their system. Open your files carefully to avoid unintentional system errors.

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If you downloaded a 000 file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open 000 File on iPhone or iPad

To open 000 File on iOS device follow steps below:

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