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The XBEL extension file is a type of bookmark file, created in the XML Bookmark Exchange Language (XBEL) format.

The XML Bookmark Exchange Language is an open, XML-based computing standard for sharing Internet URIs, also known as bookmarks (or bookmarks in Internet Explorer).

An example or use case for XBEL is the XBELicious application, which is a set of scripts to help you store your bookmarks in XBEL format and mold those bookmarks into a folder hierarchy based in part on the tags you've assigned to those bookmarks.

As a palpable example, we also have the Galeon, Konqueror, Arora and Midori browsers that use XBEL as the format for saving bookmarks.

The SiteBar bookmarks server can import and export bookmarks in the XBEL format.

The XBEL format was created by the XML Special Interest Group, whose project is useful for demonstrating Python XML processing software, which was being developed at the same time.

It is also used by Nautilus and gedit of the GNOME desktop environment for Linux.

The XBEL file of the same name contains web bookmarks, including their titles, URLs, and descriptions.

The XBEL file can also store the bookmark folder hierarchy, this is intended for use by some web browsers, however most popular browsers do not.

The XBEL format was designed for bookmark sharing on the web, but has also been adapted to store application bookmarks.

Software to open and work with an XBEL file

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If you downloaded a XBEL file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

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