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The RFL extension can take on various formats, of a different nature, and some of them are listed below:

Propeller Reason

An RFL extension file is nothing more than a component package for Reason, a song creation program that includes a virtual studio rack and an advanced sequencer.

About Propeller Reason

Reason is music software developed by Propellerhead Software, today known as ReasonStudios.

Its main function is to emulate synthesizers, samplers, signal processors, sequencers, mixers, etc.

Reason is technically a virtual studio or a collection of virtual instruments to be used live or with other sequencer software.

The most used audio formats in this program are RFL, AIF and WAV, which can be edited from common audio files and converted to that format to be able to handle them in Reason at the Sampler or Loop level.

The RFL file can contain patches, samples, song files, and REX format files.

WAV and AIF files are also compressed to about half their original size when stored in that format.


In this section, the file extension RFL is a RISAFloor Analysis Data.

About RISAFloor

RISAFloor is a neat software solution designed to help you make the definition, design and modification of floor systems, it includes calculation of maximum deflections and stresses.

It is a software used by engineers and architects, when designing civil construction spaces.

The RFL file is a file where the calculation data from the RISAFloor software is saved.

ANSYS Workbench

In this case, the RFL file is also a data file, that is, an ANSYS RFL Results Data.

ANSYS Workbench is a CAD platform that integrates simulation technologies and parametric systems with unique automation and performance.

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