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Below are the possibilities of formats that the OT Extension files can have:

OpenDocument Spreadsheet

In this case, an OTS file is a spreadsheet template created by any spreadsheet application that supports the OpenDocument standard.

In this case, we will focus on the CALC program included in Apache OpenOffice.

Calc is the spreadsheet.

Calc is one of several programs available in the OpenOffice suite.

A spreadsheet simulates a worksheet on the computer, on which the sheet with data, usually numerical, and then handle the data to produce certain results, organize them, or show them in graphics can be filled.

The spreadsheets consist of a number of individual leaves, each of which contains a cell block organized in rows and columns.

These cells contain individual elements text, values, formulas, etc. that make up the data to show and manage.

In Calc, you can create your own templates with a calculation sheet design, data, sources and custom styles.

The OTS file contains a spreadsheet saved with the OpenDocument XML -based format.

The OTS files allow users to create several ODS type spreadsheet files using the same styles and formats.

The OTS templates are used to store spreadsheets that are used repeatedly, such as invoices, budget planners and calendars.


In this second case, the OTS file is an audio file format used by the OtsAV professional audio software.

More about OtsAV

OtsAV DJ is a complete DJ tool that allows audio and images to be mixed in a complement way.

The program uses its own video and audio mixing technology called 'Intelligent Automated Fade Mixing' and 'Intelligent Automated Beat Mixing'.

In addition, it is compatible with any MIDI controller and also allows you to have direct tactile control with the program.

OtsAV DJ allows you to easily insert karaoke to any of our creations.

In the same way, we can add dozens of effects, clips or images without any problem.

OtsAV DJ is a very interesting tool for electronic music professionals, although those unusual to it will find something difficult to function with this program.

The OTS file, for this application, supports album covers and great length fields for information about the artist and the title.

Also, the OTS can store albums as a logical file with multiple elements, such as a virtual CD.

Software to open and work with an OTS file

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How Can I Open OTS File on Android

If you downloaded a OTS file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open OTS File on iPhone or iPad

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